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  • Michael Marletta, , weiblich

    Wonderful Hotel

    We enjoyed our stay and were delighted with the cleanliness, hospitality and the position of the hotel which is centrally locaated. Thank you for the enjoyable
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  • M J Allen, , männlich


    Very helpful and friendly quality of service, nice comfortable rooms, and good breakfast (includes freshly cooked eggs on request). Its location is very convenient
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  • anonym, , weiblich

    Super Experience

    We had a terrific stay--the room and bathroom were beautifully appointed and the breakfast was gorgeous. Of special note was the wonderful welcome and assistance of two
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  • anonym, , weiblich

    Lovely hotel, centrally situated in Baden Baden

    We spent a night at the Merkur in Baden Baden as part of a trip celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We were not disappointed. The hotel is centrally situated and
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  • anonym, , weiblich


    My husband and I had a wonderful stay. The hotel has a relaxing atmosphere. The staff is very friendly. I would stay here again if I am ever in Baden-Baden.
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  • Hao Yang, , männlich

    Great experience

    We stayed in this fantastic hotel for 2 nights and had a great time. The nice gentleman, Matthias, has given us a lot help, including taking the luggages and guiding the
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  • Gennaro Leone, , männlich


    Wonderful hotel ! wonderful rooms and wonderful persons ! that\'s amazing week end !
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  • anonym, , weiblich


    We had aan excellent stay in Hotel Merkur in Baden-Baden. everything was
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Wellness in the Hotel Merkur

Lichtentaler Allee in Baden-Baden

Discover one of Germany's most beautiful towns

Lichtentaler Allee

Only 150m away from the Hotel MERKUR you will find a unique natural landmark, the Lichtentaler Allee.

Citizens and visitors have always been fascinated by the atmospheric density of the trees, the unusual structure of the Allee, its variety and features, the River Oos that runs through it, the formation of the park over the course of the centuries and the significance of the Allee as a cultural and social space.

Lichtentaler Allee in Baden-Baden is known worldwide as the "street of trees". This park is unique in Germany. Strolling visitors are enthusiastic and declare that they have never seen anything like it, together with the town, unscathed by the war.

Lichtentaler Allee

According to legend the Lichtentaler Allee was laid out in 1655 and planted with oak trees. In the 19th century the Allee became an elegant promenade for strolling. When the French casino owner Jacques Bénazet took over the casino in 1838 he used a large portion of the profits to develop the spa resort further and initiated the conversion of the Allee to an English country park.

Ivan Turgenev wrote to Gustave Flaubert in 1865: "You should come to Baden! There are the loveliest trees that I have ever seen... it does the eyes and the soul good". As a cultural monument the Lichtentaler Allee is specially protected today and fascinates visitors from around the world throughout the year.

Homepage of the Friends of Lichtentaler Allee:

Distance from Hotel MERKUR: about 150 m

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Lichtentaler Allee on a larger map

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