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  • Baden-Baden

    Discover one of Germany's most beautiful towns

Baden-Baden, the “summer capital of Europe” on the edge of the Black Forest,
offers guests the chance to experience a wide variety of art and culture,
gorgeous nature and numerous top-class events.

  • Lichtentaler Allee

    Lichtentaler AlleeOnly 150m away from the Hotel MERKUR you will find a unique natural landmark, the Lichtentaler Allee.

    Citizens and visitors have always been fascinated by the atmospheric density of the trees, the unusual structure of the Allee, its variety and features, the River Oos that runs through it, the formation of the park over the course of the centuries and the significance of the Allee as a cultural and social space.

    Lichtentaler Allee in Baden-Baden is known worldwide as the "street of trees". This park is unique in Germany. Strolling visitors are enthusiastic and declare that they have never seen anything like it, together with the town, unscathed by the war.

    Lichtentaler Allee

    According to legend the Lichtentaler Allee was laid out in 1655 and planted with oak trees. In the 19th century the Allee became an elegant promenade for strolling. When the French casino owner Jacques Bénazet took over the casino in 1838 he used a large portion of the profits to develop the spa resort further and initiated the conversion of the Allee to an English country park.

    Ivan Turgenev wrote to Gustave Flaubert in 1865: "You should come to Baden! There are the loveliest trees that I have ever seen... it does the eyes and the soul good". As a cultural monument the Lichtentaler Allee is specially protected today and fascinates visitors from around the world throughout the year.

    Homepage of the Friends of Lichtentaler Allee:

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: about 150 m

  • Museums in Baden-Baden

    Museum Frieder Burda

    Museum Frieder Burda

    The museum of the art collector Frieder Burda on the Lichtentaler Allee is only 300 m away from the Hotel MERKUR. It is a stunning jewel in the Baden-Baden spa park. Not only is the design of the naturally lit museum by the renowned New York architect Richard Meier unique, but the collection also contains some of art's finest works. Around 800 paintings, sketches, sculptures and objects trace the past 100 years of art history. The permanent exhibition is rotated with unique special exhibitions.

    Homepage of "Museum Frieder Burda":

    Distance of Hotel MERKUR: around 300 m

    Special offers with the Frieder Burda museum and the LA8 museum : Art & Enjoyment

    Public art gallery

    The listed building that houses the Baden-Baden art gallery is next to the Frieder Burda museum and provides the perfect conditions for art exhibitions – including art that was created 100 years after the architect's Herman Billing's design. The location next to a private museum is an excellent place to create a public art gallery at the beginning of the 21st century.

    Homepage of the public art gallery:

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: around 300m

    LA8 - Museum for 19th century art and technology

    Art and technology are often seen as two sides of the same coin. The exhibitions at the 19th century art and technology museum focus on the oft-ignored connection between these two supposedly divergent topics. This approach is unique within German museums. In cooperation with national and international institutions there are exchanges of exhibitions on different topics of this richly faceted century.

    Homepage of the LA8-Museum:

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: around 250m

    Special offers with the Museum Frieder Burda and the LA8 museum: Art & Enjoyment

    Town museum

    The town museum in Baden-Baden, whose history goes back to 1892, is now located in the "Alleehaus" in the middle of the famous Lichtentaler Allee. The permanent exhibition offers a view into the history of the town, with its 2000-year old tradition as a bathing and spa resort and its unparalleled rise to being the 19th century's global fashionable bathing resort.

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: around 550m

    Fabergé Museum

    The Fabergé Museum in Baden-Baden is the first and only museum in the world dedicated to the life's work of the famous Russian Imperial jeweller Carl Peter Fabergé. The whole range of Fabergé's work is represented in the museum's unique collection, which currently contains more than 700 exhibits, from the famous Kaiser Easter eggs of the Russian Imperial family to beautiful pieces of jewellery and high-quality objects from daily life from the First World War.

    Homepage of the Fabergé Museum:

    Distance from the Hotel MERKUR: around 350m

    Gehrke-Remund art museum

    The Gehrke-Remund art museum displays the complete artistic works of Frida Kahlo as well as objects from her life in a permanent exhibit. This includes 116 out of her total of 146 paintings. These are displayed in such a real way that it's as if Frida Kahlo has just stepped out of her studio for a moment. Visitors can experience Frida Kahlo's paintings and surroundings, as well as her clothes and jewellery. The museum has also re-created the main residence of Frida Kahlo and her family, the Casa Azul (the blue house), and her garden with its Aztec pyramid.

    Homepage of the Gehrke-Remund museum:

    Distance from the Hotel MERKUR: around 5 km

  • Theatre in Baden-Baden

    One of the most beautiful theatre buildings in Germany

    Museum Frieder BurdaThe Baden-Baden theatre, one of the most beautiful theatres in Germany, was built between 1860 and 1862 and stands in Goetheplatz, only a three-minute walk away from the Hotel MERKUR through the lovely Lichtentaler Allee.

    The theatre has had its own permanent theatrical ensemble since 1918.

    Since being completely renovated in 1992 the playhouse is equipped with all modern technology.

    With this historic backdrop the theatrical ensemble has three locations for its plays. The impressive large theatre hall, the intimate Mirror Suite, or the TIK – the stage for youth theatre, all make a visit to the theatre in Baden-Baden a fantastical journey on which you will encounter stories and people that will touch and move you.

    Website of Baden-Baden theatre:

    distance from Hotel MERKUR: ca. 300 m

  • Kurhaus and Casino


    The Kurhaus with its famous casino, one of the greatest attractions in Baden-Baden, is only three minutes' walk away from the Hotel MERKUR along the beautiful Lichtentaler Allee.

    The "conversation house" created in 1821-1824 by Friedrich Weinbrenner offers stylish premises for exceptional occasions. It has several rooms available, like for example the Weinbrenner Room, the completely restored and modernised Bénazet Room or the Mirror Room, which is used for business events or concerts.


    The famous Baden-Baden casino is in the west wing. This combines style, history, exclusivity and elegance like no other casino and is one of the oldest in the whole of Europe, steeped in tradition. The white balls still roll today in the famous flamboyant rooms created by Parisian interior designers at the request of the casino owner Edouard Bénazet. Today, 200 years later, the Baden-Baden casino is still one of the finest casinos in the world. In the Baden-Baden casino you will find the perfect combination of the traditional and modern.

    In the same building directly next to the casino you will find the dance, music and cocktail bar EQUIPAGE. Whether you're simply looking for somewhere to enjoy a delicious cocktail, or would like to really let your hair down : the high point in Baden-Baden's nightlife offers the best in entertainment in a great atmosphere with live music from a variety of international groups, with free entry.

    Website of the Baden-Baden Kuhaus:

    Website of the Baden-Baden Casino:

    Website of EQUIPAGE:

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: about 350 m

    Special offers with casino and EQUIPAGE:

  • Pump room in Baden-Baden


    A lovely 400m walk from the Hotel MERKUR through the beautiful Lichtentaler Alle and past the right-hand side of the Kurhaus brings you to the pump room.

    Built between 1839 and 1842, the pump room is a magnet for visitors to Baden-Baden.

    16 Corinthian columns support the 90m long, open pump room, in which visitors can view the 14 murals. The pictures were created by Jakob Götzenberger, a contemporary of Moritz von Schwind. They represent scenes from local myths and legends and form the destination of many local excursions.

    Visitors can taste the natural water in the pump room from the Friedrichsbad springs, which are up to 17000 years old and of whose healing powers the ancient Romans spoke.

    Today the Fountain Room in the pump room also houses the tourist information centre.. Here you can get information and tickets, insider tips and ideas for your stay in Baden-Baden.

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: about 400 m

  • In town

    Historische Innenstadt

    Whether you're looking for haute couture or a delicious piece of cake, you can shop to your heart's content in Baden-Baden.

    Stroll calmly from the Hotel MERKUR through the historic town of Baden-Baden. Wander through the pedestrian zone, where a great selection of different stores awaits you. Or walk through the spa gardens with its little, exquisite shops. It's always worth wandering down the side streets, where you can discover interesting stores, whether it be a second-hand bookshop, a jewellery shop or a craft shop.

    In town

    Of particular interest is Sophienstraβe, a tree-lined promenade flanked by grand classical buildings housing exclusive shops and boutiques.

    Shopping in Baden-Baden is a unique experience thanks to a variety of stores all in one place, in fantastic surroundings.

    Distance from Hotel Merkur: about 100 m

  • Friedrichsbad


    At the bottom of the romantic Old Town, only around 400m away from the Hotel MERKUR, lies the Friedrichsbad, a 125-year old unification of Roman and Irish bathing traditions.

    You can experience and enjoy exclusive bathing fun on a special tour with 17 different bathing steps. The changing temperatures and the precious thermal waters in the different bathing forms have a beneficial effect on body and mind.

    Complete your well-being experience with a soap and brush massage.

    The famous American author Mark Twain once fell asleep wrapped in a warmed bath sheet after a brush massage, sauna and Turkish bath, and later wrote effusively to a friend: " In Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden after 10 minutes you forget time; after 20 minutes, the world."

    Try it for yourself!

    Website of the Friedrichbad:

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: ca. 400 m

    Special offers with the Friedrichsbad: SPA Package

  • Caracalla-Spa

    Caracalla Therme

    At the end of a lovely walk from the Hotel MERKUR through the historic town of Baden-Baden you will find the Caracalla spa, a synonym for relaxation and wellness!

    Relax between elegant marble pillars and plunge into the sea blue indoor pool in the glass bathing temple. 12 healing thermal springs bubble up from a depth of 2000m and provide unforgettable bathing pleasure in a space covering over 3000 square metres.

    Its large indoor pool, two open-air pools, cold and hot water grottos, waterfalls, counter-current pools and massaging water jets as well as the Roman sauna with an outdoor area in the picturesque castle gardens all invite you to relax and enjoy.

    Website of the Caracalla Spa:

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: about 600 m

    Special offers with the Caracalla Spa:

  • Festival hall

    Festspielhaus- Alter Bahnhof

    In this large, light building the glamour of the Belle Epoque combines with contemporary architectural avantgarde. The Neo-Classical former train station has been transformed into a modern concert hall whose acoustics are some of the best in the world.

    The 2500-seat festival hall in Baden-Baden is busy all year round and is one of the largest classical music halls in Europe. Its architecture is unique: the concert hall stands on the site of the former train station's tracks. After being thoroughly restored the Neo-Classical building now forms the entrance to the festival hall. The Viennese architect Wilhelm Holzbauer created the new design for the festival hall in the middle of the 1990s, including the foyer which is flooded with natural light; this created ideal acoustics according to the renowned Munich physicist Karlheinz Müller. The impressive festival hall has the latest technology and is highly valued as an operatic and ballet location. Numerous TV recordings and live broadcasts have taken place on the festival hall stage, including recordings of spectacular productions of the Wagnerian operas Parsifal and Lohengrin.

    Festspielhaus- Alter Bahnhof

    The schedule for the festival hall in Baden-Baden is organised into winter, spring, summer and autumn festivals. In between the festivals there is a programme of high-quality concerts and guest performers. Three to four times a year there is a visiting renowned ballet company like the Mariinsky Ballet (Kirov), the Moscow Bolshoi Ballet or the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier. The programme is topped off with jazz evenings and special entertainment shows.

    The festival hall offers daily tours that last around 75 minutes.

    From the Hotel MERKUR you can reach the festival hall in around 15 to 20 minutes on foot or in around 4 minutes by bus, which stops right outside the festival hall.

    Homepage of the festival hall Baden-Baden:

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: around 1 km

  • The old castle

    Altes Schloss

    If you like castles then the old castle ruins are for you!

    The former seat of the Margrave of Baden is now an imposing ruin. The once significant castle was built between the 12th and 15th century and was destroyed by fire at the end of the 16th century.

    The important section of the castle is Bernhardsbau (built around 1400) whose ground floor columns with the coat of arms borne by angels once supported the huge arch. In its heyday the castle had 100 rooms.

    From the tower of the old castle you have a great view over Baden-Baden and can see the Rhine plain and the Vosges mountains in the distance. It's also worth visiting the castle bailey. The view from the castle and the tower is priceless.

    old castle

    There is a large aeolian harp in the ruins of the old castle's hall. The harp, which was installed in 1999, is 4.1m high and has 120 strings. It was designed and built by local musician and harp builder Rüdiger Oppermann, who has declared it the largest aeolian harp in Europe. The nylon strings are tuned to C and G. There used to be a small aeolian harp in the old castle's hall between 1851-1920.

    Today the old castle is a popular destination and a starting point for walking tours around Baden-Baden and along the Battert mountain.

    You can reach the old castle from the Hotel MERKUR on bus line 208 in around 7 minutes.

    Homepage of the old castle in Baden-Baden:

    Distance from Hotel MERKUR: about 2km

  • Surrounding area of Baden-Baden

    The beautiful countryside of the Black Forest and the Rebland (wine country) invite you to go on unforgettable tours of discovery..

    Black Forest high street

    The famous Panoramastraβe from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt (B 500) is the oldest, most well-known and most beautiful tourist road in the Black Forest, at over 60km long. The street was already well-known in 1930 and has lost none of its charm since then. It runs at a height of between 600m and 1164m and offer the visitor magical views over the Black Forest, the Rhine plain and over to the Vosges mountains. In addition there are numerous tourist highlights like Lake Mummelsee, the Lotharpfad trail or the Wildnispfad trail towards Bühlerhöhe. In winter the route is particularly popular with skiers. Snow is practically guaranteed due to the altitude. Numerous ski lifts and the link with the skiing routes of the North Black Forest offer something for everyone.

    Homepage of the Black Forest high street:

    Distance of the B 500 from the Hotel MERKUR: 700 m


    Umland Baden-Baden

    You can reach the 668m Merkur (or Great Staufenberg) mountain, Baden-Baden's local mountain, quite comfortably using one of the steepest and most modern funicular railways in Europe. You can effortlessly climb a distance of 1200m on gradients of between 23% and 54%m and easily triumph, in less than 5 minutes, over an altitude difference of 370m. A lift in the Merkur Tower will take you at no charge to the 23m high viewing platform, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view over Baden-Baden, the Murg valley, the Rhein plain and the Vosges mountains. Afterwards there is a charming green to relax on, a barbecue and play spot, a nature reserve or you can wander alongany of the many marked paths.

    You can reach the base station of the railway in 13 minutes from the Hotel MERKUR with bus line 204.

    Distance of Merkur mountain railway base station to the Hotel MERKUR : 1.7k

    Battert mountains

    The Battert mountains (563m) lie north of Baden-Baden and can be reached from the Old Castle Hohenbaden. The Battert mountains are a popular destination for walkers and climbers. Rock climbing is possible all year round on the mountains and is equally suitable for beginners and more experienced climbers. The climbing area is one of the finest in Germany and offers climbing routes in almost all difficulty grades. Climbing courses for children, teenagers and adults are available.

    Distance from the Hotel MERKUR: 2 km

    Alt Eberstein castle ruins

    Where once the Duke of Eberstein and later the Margrave of Baden lived, today there is a romantic little spot in the mountain café waiting for you. You will be completely enchanted by the extraordinary view from the tower over to Baden-Baden and the Rhine plain.

    Distance from the Hotel MERKUR: 3.5 km


    The former knights' castle Yburg in the Varnhalt area of Baden-Baden was built in 1200 and has an eventful and mysterious history. In later years it was nearly destroyed three times because the owners were robber barons. The castle was hit by lightning several times and damaged. Most recently part of the East Tower fell down after being hit by lightning. Between the remaining walls of the ruins you can still see the tower. Treat yourself to an extraordinary view over the Black Forest, the Rhine plain,over to the gentle wine orchards and let your gaze sweep softly to the beautiful wine country and, on a clear day, right across to France.

    Distance from the Hotel MERKUR: 3.5 km


    Rebalnd Baden-Baden

    Rebland, a synonym for the pure enjoyment of wine: a lovely, sun-drenched wine area south-west of Baden-Baden with beautiful views over the Rhine plain and the Black Forest. The three Rebland areas Steinbach mit Umweg, Varnhalt and the so-called relaxation resort Neuweier lie around six kilometres from Baden-Baden's town centre and the Hotel MERKUR.

    Distance from the Hotel MERKUR: 6 km