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    COVID-19 Hygiene Measures and Travel Restrictions

COVID-19 hygiene measures and travel restrictions

COVID-19 hygiene measures

  • We adjusted our hygiene and security measures due to the current situation and our staff was properly trained.
  • We pay attention at all times that our guests disinfect their hands while entering our Hotel.
  • Our rooms will be disinfected after every check out and not rented again within the next 24 hours.
  • Right now we don´t have decoration pillows and blankets in our guest rooms.
  • All our public and sensitive areas will be cleaned and disinfected constantly.
  • Your breakfast will be served as an a la Carte option to your room if wished or at our Restaurant/Breakfast Room.
  • Our Meeting Room is available within the official distance restrictions ( 1,5 meters ) and hygiene regulations.
  • You are free to use our Restaurant space for your Take Away food. The Restaurant itself is closed at the moment.

COVID-19 travel restrictions

  • National guests:

The accommodation ban does not exist anymore at the moment!

Guests with residence in Germany, who are coming from different German areas, are allowed to stay at our Hotel without any medical certificate, quarantine or any other restrictions.

Probably until February 14th 2021 it is only allowed to stay at the Hotel for non-touristic and/or necessary reasons.


  • International guests:

Since October 1st 2020 there are comprehensively differentiated Travel- and Safety instructions or Travel warnings for individual countries.

The regulations until September 30th 2020 for Non-European countries are NOT valid anymore.

Please be aware of the newest restrictions in your own country or the country you´re coming from.

The same regulations for international travelers apply such as non-touristic and/or necessary reasons until minimum Februar 14th 2021.